Gail Barrett

Agents Rep / Director

Gail Barrett

Experience as a small business owner has been a great grounding for the world of real estate which is exciting, challenging and fun. A new challenge every day keeps me on my toes and getting out of bed each day.

Portland has an interesting history and has been a great place to live, bring up our family and invest in. As Agent’s Rep, REIV Member and company direct, keeping the office at Portland Seaview Real Estate on track is one of my major responsibilities.

Portland Seaview Real Estate is community focused as I am, being a past president of the Rotary Club of Portland Bay and now a member of the Rotary Club of Portland which a special new job this year as Sponsorship and Marketing co-ordinator for the Rotary Club of Portland Art Show. Portland Seaview Real Estate has lead the social marketing network revolution in Portland with Facebook, twitter, My space and Portland Seaview Real Estate is know for its “FIRST” in the real estate industry with others following on behind. We were the FIRST to produce our own in house sales brochure and the FIRST to set up a FACEBOOK page and family. Winning the Small Business Champion (Real Estate) Victoria 2007, 2008 & 2009 has been a major achievement and makes me extremely proud of our staff, who work with us to achieve these great milestones.

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